ILRI & ICRAF BOTs All set to go Digital

ICT Services made a successful presentation during the ILRI 42nd BOT meeting held on 2-5th November 2014, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to digitise, share and access board material hosted on the cloud via electronic tablet devices. The members overwhelmingly passed a vote to adopt the proposal to abandon shipping board files in binders weighing approximately 6Kg each (sometimes more) in favour of electronic document distribution direct to Android tablets weighing about 300g.

Board members will be able to annotate and share comments on documents with each other in advance of meetings, saving time.

A similar presentation was made during the 60th ICRAF Board of Trustees meeting in Lima Peru, in November 2014.The members of the ICRAF’s Board of trustees also supported and voted to adopt this proposal.

Board 1

Benjamin Kimuri and the board looking at this (next photo)


A paperless board meeting

A paperless board meeting

Board papers... bye bye

Board papers… bye bye