Meeting Room Upgrades

ICRAF and ILRI are in the process of improving meeting experiences (both virtual and physical). A neat environment with properly set up equipment contributes to efficiently and effectively run meetings.

The ICT unit in collaboration with the operations unit at ICRAF and commercial services unit at ILRI is in the process of making improvements in our meeting rooms through neat cabling and optimal setups for all the equipment required for meetings.

At ILRI, all the meeting rooms are already fitted with conferencing facilities such as microphones, screens and cameras, all neatly installed. Users can walk into any room and hold a virtual meeting without much effort (no need, e.g. to carry an extra computer or other equipment). It’s a ready to use environment. In the coming weeks ICT Services will train administrators on the use of the equipment

A similar process is underway at ICRAF. In addition, digital signage units for all meeting rooms will be installed. These will help in notifying meeting participants of the locations for meetings etc. while reducing paper consumption. Installation of the DIS system in the executive boardroom at the Science Wing is currently in progress.